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About Fameverse

Fameverse is a pioneer, highly innovative as well as unique blockchain based play to earn (P2E) metaverse gaming platform designed to discover, build, own, play and monetise through the virtual world powered by the convergence of cutting-edge technologies like AI, virtual reality ( VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Being a vibrant and distributed company , we are bringing revolutionary breakthroughs in the gaming industry which has become larger than the movie and music industries combining together by introducing all new technological advancements.


Games are now used not only for entertaining the masses but also for educational purposes in various fields. Gaming has experienced lots of changes with the advancement in technology.

Fameverse is striving to thrive with its ground-breaking technology, unmatched IP, creativity and our unique relationship with hundreds of millions of players around the world. Our aim is to push industry boundaries, exceed player expectations and blur the lines between games, entertainment and reality.

The introduction of facial recognition , voice recognition , gesture controls , amazing graphics , VR , AR and wearable gaming consoles into our games have made our users spellbound.

We’re partnering and collaborating to develop home-grown, custom solutions for our games. Our research and development teams are working together with the help of evolved cutting edge technology to bring dynamic, immersive, creative and connected player experiences.